Anchor Recertification and Inspections

Anchor Recertification and Inspections

According to federal safety standards, building owners are responsible for having window washing suspended maintenance fall protection systems inspected every year and recertified every 10 years.

The building owner shall keep a certification record of each inspection and test required under paragraphs (g)(2)(i) and (ii) of section 1910.66(g)(2)(iii). The certification record shall include the date of the inspection, the signature of the person who performed the inspection, and the number, or other identifier, of the building support structure and equipment which was inspected. This certification record shall be kept readily available for review.

Keeping your fall protection systems secure and working properly can ensure safety on the job, save you money, and prevent dangerous situations from occurring. Serwas Window Cleaning Services LLC has the experienced personnel and expertise to perform OSHA and ANSI-mandated certification to confirm that fall protection anchoring systems comply with all federal safety codes.

Serwas developed a company philosophy of safety, accountability, quality, workmanship, and efficiency. Fall prevention systems are highly technical and require annual inspections, initial certifications, and re-certifications performed by qualified personnel. Building owners are responsible for scheduling these inspections and securing the necessary certifications. Learn more about OSHA regulation 1910.66(g)(2).

Serwas Window Cleaning Services Fall Protection Services:

  • Annual Inspections
  • Anchor Load Test Re-Certification
  • Anchor Load Test Pull
  • Fall Protection Training for Employees
  • Fall Hazard Safety Plans
  • Fall Protection Site Survey
  • Roof Anchor Engineering & Design
  • Other services by request

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